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    CHCA Statement on Inclusiveness

    Recently, many of our board members noticed some questions and comments on our Nextdoor social media site regarding how our residents feel about inclusiveness in regards to race, ethnicity and the general sense of its welcoming spirit. Although this board generally steers clear of political alignment, there is no way to shelter or diminish the national conversations and news which affect all of us.  There is much turmoil and a general sense of unease and exclusiveness in many towns and cities across the U.S. which, in some sense, makes our home here in Campus Hills an oasis of stability supported by the kind and generous spirit of its residents.

    Our current association board members have been actively discussing the benefits which our community gains with respect to its diversity of race and culture.  In our last board meeting in July, the notion was brought up that maybe we should, with a unified voice, espouse the virtues of our community inclusiveness and use it as an opportunity to get to know and again befriend our neighbors.  We have multiple different cultures and residents of diverse ethnicity in our neighborhood, which at its core build an inclusive and healthy community.  We all chose to live in Campus Hills for its charm, its schools, its location and a multitude of other qualities which promote the American dream.  

    So, in that American spirit, we as a board simply want to celebrate our community inclusiveness and diversity.  Our board is made up of volunteers who want to espouse servant leadership and our hope is that our residents feel the same. Please feel free to reach out and contact us.  We hope to see you all volunteer one day and become a part of that team of servant leaders within Campus Hills.

    William Hill and Jaideep Sinha
    President & Vice-President of the Campus Hills Community Association  

    A Message from Councilman David Marks

    “Today, I am announcing my support for downzoning the publicly-owned property north of the Campus Hills community to Neighborhood Commons, blocking any development at the open area west of Providence Road and south of the Baltimore Beltway. The site includes 11 acres. I am also announcing my support for downzoning a 100 foot buffer at the edge of the Goucher College property to DR 1, the lowest development potential for regions within the urbanized part of the county. The property encompasses 34 acres. The rezoning issues are 5-063 and 5-103. By designating the 11-acre public property as Neighborhood Commons, we will be blocking any development should this area ever be sold. Goucher College is a private institution, so the downzoning limits development of any structures within a 100 foot area adjacent to the Campus Hills community. William Hill, President of the Campus Hills Community Association states, “We want to preserve as much green area as possible in Towson… I am all for these changes and I know many in the community will feel the same way. In addition, Goucher College has been a fabulous neighbor to our community and I have faith that they will make the best use of their property within the limits allowed by the county.” The zoning maps will be voted on at the August 30th County Council meeting.”

    Goucher Gate Closure

    Received from Goucher College regarding gate closure starting on July 16:

    “The back gate will be closed beginning tomorrow. We anticipate the bollards to be installed soon but in the meantime we will close one half of the gate during the daytime, effectively preventing vehicular access. The entire gate will be closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic at nighttime, as usual. Please pass on as desired and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am so glad that this project will enhance the safety of our community. Thanks again for your support as well as the support of your constituencies. ”

    David Heffer
    Director of Public Safety
    Goucher College

    Important Notice

    June 29, 2016
    Temporary Back Gate Closure
    Please be advised that the back gate will be closed to vehicular traffic this Thursday and Friday (6/30/16 and 7/1/16) . All traffic will be routed through the gatehouse as the pond gate will also be closed. We are hosting a large lacrosse tournament those days so finding a parking spot may become problematic later in the day. The back gate will reopen to vehicular traffic on Saturday. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks and be safe,

    David N. Heffer
    Director of Public Safety
    Goucher College