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    Second Annual Digital Photo Contest Winners

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    Chick-fil-A Fundraiser for the Campus Hills Scholarship Fund

    Come out to Chick-fil-A at 2008 East Joppa Road in Parkville on Thursday, July 24th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm to help raise funds for the Campus Hills Community Association Scholarship Fund.

    Dine in or carry out and we receive 20% of the ticketed sales!  Also, for every chocolate chunk cookie purchase, we will receive an extra $1.00!

    Our goal is to award a $1000 gift to one deserving Campus Hills, civic minded student each year.  Please help support this worthy cause.  Don’t forget to inform the cashier that you are supporting the Campus Hills Scholarship.

    Thanks so much! Hope to see you there!

    Digital Photo Contest July 12-13

    Second Annual Campus Hills Digital Photo Contest
    Starts 8:00 am Saturday July 12 and all photos are due by 8pm July 13 in digital form. Ten photos attached per email. There will be 40 photos to take so 4 emails with 10 photos attached to each( just like last year).  You do not have to take all 40.  Teens are welcome to participate.  You must sign up ahead of time by emailing the contest director at On the morning of July 12 you will be emailed 40 photo topics to take. You must submit them , captioned, by 8 PM July 13. 
    Example: 1. A campus hills dog.

    Last year’s participants all reported that they had fun.  Come join us!

    Campus Hills Challenge Answers, from Summer 2014 Newsletter


    1. Epsom Road
    2. Goucher Boulevard
    3. Providence Road
    4. Sadler Road
    5. Sawyer Court
    6. Saylor Court
    7. Scarlett Drive
    8. Seabrook Road
    9. Seaword Road
    10. Seth Court
    11. Shaw Court
    12. Shelley Road
    13. Sibley Road
    14. Southwick Drive
    15. Squires Road
    16. Stacy Court
    17. Starbit Court
    18. Starbit Road
    19. Swift Court

    Only three do not begin with “S”.  How well did you do?